This magnificent New Mexico Land and Home is just South of Silver City on Highway 90.

The town is tucked against rolling mountain foothills at 5,920 feet. Silver City’s mild climate, Victorian charm, friendly people and proximity to the Gila Wilderness have attracted people seeking a healthy, relaxed lifestyle for decades. Don't miss the opportunity of a lifetime so stake your claim at Silver City Ranch, and own your piece of Prime New Mexico Real Estate before it's gone!

Silver City is the oldest incorporated town in New Mexico (and the only one operating under a Territorial Charter), springing to life in 1870 with the discovery of silver and the gold rush.

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Devastating floods between 1890 and 1910 washed away the original Main Street, leaving behind the Big Ditch, now Big Ditch Park, a trench that is 55 ft below street level, now utilized as a unique downtown park that local residents can use to take a stroll. Once the silver boom ended, copper took its place as a major industry. In recent years, tourism has also become significant. Silver City’s population is currently about 13,000; Grant County, 29,792. As the county seat, Silver City is the educational and cultural center for a four-county area in Southwest New Mexico.

The rich mining and ranching history, blend of Hispanic and Anglo cultures, blue skies of 360 days of sunshine, vast landscapes, natural wonderlands, and small town atmosphere, create a genuine “Americana”.

These longtime mining and ranching influences blend with newcomers such as entrepreneurs, artists, and retirees for a lively diversity. Main Street Project has helped transform Bullard and Broadway streets by assisting business with restoration projects, creating a vibrant arts and historic district.

Embraced by the Continental Divide, five life zones overlap in the area…providing the greatest diversity of habitats in North America and making an exceptional basecamp for ecotourism.

This historic old boom town offers visitors a variety of contemporary pleasures:

  • Saturday morning Farmers’ Market (May-October)

  • Leisurely breakfast cafés, coffeehouses, and shops from friendly local merchants

  • Variety of Unique art galleries

  • Diverse range of restaurants from authentic New Mexican cuisine to Italian

  • Modern Healthcare Center Serving the Region

Silver City, New Mexico also offers a wide array of local events:

  • Red Paint Pow-Wow

  • Chocolate Fantasia

  • Tour of the Gila Bike Race

  • Memorial Weekend Blues Festival

  • Wild West Rodeo

  • Gem & Mineral Show

  • Christmas Lighted Parade

The Gila

The Gila National Forest and Gila Wilderness in Southwestern New Mexico contains 3.3 milion acres and is the oldest wilderness area in the U.S., established in 1924. The Gila (pronounced Hee-lah) has spectacular scenery ranging from high cool mountains with aspen and dogulas fir to warm semi-arid lowlands of juniper, oak and cactus. Elevations range from 4,200 to 10,900 feet and cover four of the six life zones. The region includes areas of desert, sub-alpine mountains, and everything in between. Hiking, horseback riding, hunting and fishing are popular pasttimes and trails lead into the wilderness from all directions.

The Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

Silver City area residents enjoy a rare opportunity, convenient day hikes on sections of the renowned trail that stretches from Mexico to Canada. Also knows as the ‘King of Trails,’ the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (CDT) runs through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Along the way it passes through 25 national forests, 20 national wilderness areas, three national parks, one national monument, eight Bureau of Land Management (BLM) resource areas, and of course right by Silver City. While it can take months to walk the entire trail, Silver City residents and visitors can enjoy pleasant day hikes on segments of the trail just minutes away. The moderate climate makes access available year round, with Spring and Fall as probably the best time to visit.

Burro Mountains

Also closeby, are the Big Burro Mountains at about 6700 feet. Mule deer roam this part of the country and over 50 varieties of birds delight visitors.

Wildlife in the Area

Because of the close juxtaposition of different ecosystems, Southwestern New Mexico offers  a variety of wildlife. Coyote, fox, and cottontail are plentiful in the area. Deer include mainly Mule Deer and Cous Deer, but whitetail can also be found. Bighorn sheep roam the area and Elk wander through the higher elevations. Black bear range in color from black to light honey brown and are found in mountains areas. Beaver inhabit some of the riparian areas, while there is also a chance of seeing a coatimundi. Javelinas roam about and on the range. Mountain lions and bobcats, although not prevalent, can be found as well. The Southwest is a migration route for everything from tiny humming birds to eagles and other raptors. There’s always some bird to watch, no matter what the season. Game birds are around also including quail and dove.